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Special Force� brand of 12g CO2 cartridges are fitted with a patented safety cap, which prevents the CO2 cartridge from rupturing if it becomes overheated. This patented safety cap on Special Force� brand CO2 cartridges is the only pressure relief device a CO2 cartridge can have that allows the high pressure gas to vent safely and without the cartridge from becoming a projectile, which is the main cause of rupture related injuries.  

The Special Force� brand of 12g CO2 cartridges is currently the only brand in North and South America featuring the patented safety cap. It is worth checking out, especially if you are concerned about the safety of the young paintball players in your home.

Don't let this happen to you.

All gas filled cylinders need to be handled with caution. They are pressure vessels with a limit as to how much pressure they can hold. While each cylinder design has its' own inherent limitations, most disposable cylinders are designed to have a burst strength limit of around 6,400 psi, some go to 12,000 psi. But this is relative to the filling pressure and the type of gas being filled.

This video below which demonstrates the patented safety cap in action.

Never heat a filled cylinder.


One style of puncture cap opens up on the puncture end if overheated. There is enough pressure being released to send the cartridge flying.


Although this is the designed failure mode if a filled cylinder is overheated, the result is a violent release of energy all at once. The patented safety cap prevents this from happening.

This is what happens when you heat one without a safety cap.


Even these idiots can't get around the safety cap


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