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Actually, Christine helped us out on our photo shoot. We make gas cartridges for paintball markers and yes, for the CO2 PicnicTap© product which can be seen at

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Summer paintball games can be safer for children.

South Plainfield, NJ – Paintball has become a major sport that most children long to play well before their parents will give them the green light to do so. Safety concerns about the handling of a high pressure CO2 cartridge often prevent most children from even starting to play the sport until they are much older as concerned parents do not want that type of risk for their children.

All paintball markers need a gas power source to make the paintball fly out of the paint marker and the standard gas of choice is CO2. However, CO2 is under high pressure; about 850 psi in the shade and heated up, the pressure can get well over 3,000 psi. To put that in perspective, a car tire holds 35 psi of air pressure and an aerosol has as much as 90 psi. A CO2 cartridge will normally rupture open in a violent release of energy if it becomes overheated and can easily become a dangerous and unpredictable projectile.

For parents in the know, Leland’s Special Force® brand of 12g CO2 cartridges are fitted with a patented safety cap, which prevents the CO2 cartridge from rupturing if it becomes overheated. This patented safety cap on Special Force® brand CO2 cartridges is the only pressure relief device a CO2 cartridge can have that allows the high pressure gas to vent safely and without the cartridge from becoming a projectile, which is the main cause of rupture related injuries.  

Leland has been in the gas cartridge business since 1965 and has been producing the Special Force® brand of CO2 cartridges for decades primarily for the US Military. Now Leland sells to select paintball and sporting goods retailers in the US and Canada and offers an online solution through the company’s sponsored web portal

The Special Force® brand of 12g CO2 cartridges is currently the only brand in North and South America featuring the patented safety cap. It is worth checking out, especially if you are concerned about the safety of the young paintball players in your home.

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